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Rome wasn’t built in a day…but it started with one!

  I thought of this the other day and though I would share I have searched the internet for similar and couldn’t find anything but someone has had to say this before me. But regardless this is my spin, enjoy!  

March 24, 2013 0
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Christmas project for Mom this year

One of my goals I made for expressing my self more artistically I had delayed posting before Christmas so not to give it away but have procrastinated on so wanted to make to share now. This is the Bracelet I made my Mom it is a simple Byzantine chain-mail pattern.  

January 3, 2012 0
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Fun little sketching App for Android “Sketch n Draw”

In my search for a better drawing app for my android table I came across the application Sketch n Draw by Abhishek Kumar. And I have found in my 30 minutes of usage to be pretty fun and neat sketching effect and really look forward to using it some more I am by no means […]

December 28, 2011 0