Charlie Parra Interesting Metal Remixes

I came across the name Charlie Parra today looking at a Game “Santa Rockstar HD” this game is an indie game that features Heavy metal carols Ala a Guitar Hero. And it looks like the are running a promo on the game at the moment and one of the bonuses is the sound track which I think I may buy just for that. But needless to say that is how I got to Charie’s site http://charlieparradelriego.comĀ 

And what do I see at the top but a Dragon Ball Z metal remix and I have to say it was pretty enjoyable.

This lead me to this cool Naruto theme and Saint Seiya theme.


He also has a ton of other remixes of Game remixes so will definatly have to keep an eye on this guy.

Let us end with something for the season




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