Android hidden Gem “Avenger”

Bouncing  between the Amazon Store and the official Android Marketplace I occasionally come up with a gem or at least and decent diversion and that is what I have found in the game Avenger.When I first saw the game it was pretty obvious what I was getting into was a Castlevania Clone and I mean that as no insult. I think this should be an Eye opener to Konami that this can done.

The 1st level did feel a little too easy but doesn’t take long to get a little more in depth but it does liven up pretty quickly. The graphics are nice and again are very retro Castlevania like with a good variety of bosses and enemies. The game to me feels like a marriage of Castlevania and Devil May Cry. The game has a decent story but it contains a fair amount of Engrish.

Currently I have only spent about an hour with this game but for free that is really quite good. The game does have some in app purchases but have not felt forced to do so as of yet. Note there are 2 versions of this out there Avenger and Castle of Shadows. I recommend Avenger because it does not require a log on to play.


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